Shopping for baby bottles.

How do you choose the best baby bottle, or toddler bottle? What are the best baby bottles on the market for infant formula? How many bottles should one own?

These days, we’re inundated with choice, but with your baby and the environment top of mind - we all want to make a decision that we feel good about. And we think that comes down to 3 things:

We want it to work. It can’t spill everywhere and make a mess. It can’t melt when we heat formula on the stove or in the microwave. The spout needs to be well designed for your baby or toddler. They have to want to drink from it. And when they’re hungry, they need to be able to drink from it.

We want it to last. And that means we won’t be repurchasing again in a few months’ time because it’s broken, or worry about wasting single-use plastic.

We want it to look good. Let’s be honest, there’s too many products out there to choose one that’s poorly designed. And when you’ve spent money on everything else for your baby or toddler looking great, you want their bottle to fit into your lifestyle aesthetic too.

Alongside the best formula for newborns and toddlers, you really do want the best bottle. We’ve put together a list of our favourite infant and toddler bottles for newborn infant and toddler formula and breast milk.

#1 Sippy Cup. It seems like every baby in the world has a Sippy Cup - and for good reason. Not only is it available in a multitude of colours to make drinking fun or differentiate liquids or formulas for your child or children, but the weighted straw moves with the liquid – whatever angle the cup is tilted. This means your baby or toddler can also drink lying down, making it the ideal transition cup from bottle/breast feeding to milk in a cup. The two-way valve ensures easy drinking (to the last drop) and no leaks. Which literally means no more crying over spilled milk. It also comes in a variety of little shapes to keep your baby or toddler entertained while they drink.

With sturdy handles to encourage independant drinking and reinforced flip lids, it’s the perfect cup for at home or on the go. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

If you’re looking to support an Australian baby bottle company, then Monique and Danielle at Bbox have a variety of Sippy Cups and other baby and toddler products too.

#2 Minbie. On a mission to empower new mums, Minbie has award winning baby bottle teets, functionally designed like natured intended, to replicate the mother’s nipple.

Founded by Julia, a mother and designer, and run by a team of mums, Minbie’s team have all laughed and cried over the struggles of breastfeeding. The complexity of newborn feeding demands a bottle teat that perfectly matches the way newborns want and need to feed on the breast. Launching with their patented teat, their product was a total rethink of the baby bottle teat. By giving a mother greater flexibility to introduce a bottle, they know that the precious breastfeeding bond can be nurtured and protected.

After hearing from thousands of mums and seeing their tears of joy when Minbie solved their baby’s bottle refusal, or helped to prevent lazy feeding and weak latches, or overcome bottle confusion, or lessen reflux and colic, Minbie has since expanded their line of products to provide even more breastfeeding support with pumps, sterilisers and pacifiers.

“Mum shouldn’t have to settle for a bottle that might be harmful to her breastfeeding relationship. She deserves a bottle that nurtures and protects that instinctive, special bond.”— Julia, Founder.

The vent floats air away from the milk which is anti-colic, while the teets contour supports the baby to latch-on, training their breastfeeding muscle-memory. These bottle enable an instinctive breastfeeding motion, preventing lazy-feeding & supporting milk digestion.

BPS, BPA, phthalate, and lead free; created using a premium German silicone.

#3 Cherub Baby.Buy here For mothers who are especially focused on environmentally friendly solutions, Cherub Baby’s product turn any exisiting cup into a baby bottle, non-spill sippy or straw cup.

Their universal stretch lid kit is simple and easy to use: just stretch the silicone skin over and clip in the insert you need. It will fit mugs, sports shakers, regular cups and more.

Including non-spill sippy and straw spouts + a straw cleaner, it fits most brand wide neck nipples. The weighted straw follows liquid, allowing toddlers to drink from any angle.

BPA Free. Grows with your baby from 0 months to 5 years. Available in Blue & Green and Pink & Orange.

#4 Mimijumi. Mimijumi means "a mother's love" in Polynesian.

The mimijumi baby bottle is designed to closely mimic the mother-baby breastfeeding experience, providing the best possible transition to bottle feeding.

The teets design eliminates bottle refusal by ensuring your baby can latch on easily, and control the flow of milk. It also includes an integrated venting system that reduces your baby's air intake to eliminate colic.

Designed by a group of mothers, physicians, and lactation experts, the Mimijumi bottle is manufactured in Austria using the finest materials. The sleek and minimal design, and cute bottle shape reminds us of something we’d find in Denmark or even Japan.

It is easy-to-prepare (wide opening for one-handed filing) and easy-to-clean. No bottle brush necessary.

BPA, BPS, latex and EA-fee. Dishwasher and Boiling sterilization safe.

#5 Comotomo. A 100% non-toxic, medical grade silicone baby bottle with simple but important design elements that naturally mimic breastfeeding.

With a soft and squeezy bottle material, plus super wide mound and natural shaped nipple for a better latch, Comotomo’s design aims to replicate the feeling and texture of the mother’s breast. It has also been designed with smart vents to eliminate leaks and help prevent colic.

150mls. BPA, PVC and Phthlates free. Microwave, diswasher, and steriliser safe.

Whatever your choice, be it based on shape, colour, or design - you can rest assured that your growing baby or toddler will benefit from each of these infant formula bottles and toddler drinking bottles.

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